War! War and death! Here’s to you,
my friends most beloved!
Come hither and wade these rivers of blood,
Come and take what you will of what rests in my wake!

Peace! Peace and hope! Fie to you,
my enemies hated and hunted!
Send away your words and deeds of love,
No place in my heart waits for you to rest there!

Love! Love or Lust! Where now are you hidden?
Oh thou villainous rages!
Let me find you my lost and forgotten,
Seize me tonight and let me not fail!

Eternity where are you?
my mother of dreams!
Why hide your son from his rightful realm,
Where will you cry your tears when I am shunned?

i have dreamt of a field of silk,
shimmering whites and grey of thought,
pure desire flowing fondly through my mind.

lances of gold woke me from my slumber,
a restless call to arms and action,
to sunder; to defend all that I had dreamt.

lets us make this our stand my brothers,
bend your bows of will and aim true the arrows of defiance,
once last call to rally our broken; to wake our weary dead.

watch as they fall before our might,
hold firm you shield and let not our wall be broken,
hold fast your heart against the dread.

be all of us my brothers in life,
in death we will still walk the grey together,
feel the glory within our grasp and cry havoc for life!

the red rain is almost spent now,
our arrogance is spent and enemies undone,
their souls screams on our conscience.

softly now come our maidens and their tears,
bourne on wings of sorrow for our broken bones,
lift our loves; our hearts are whole and waiting.

a heavy price; you freedom is bought,
be not mean with life bought by our blood,
spend all in search of laughter; balance our fear.


if I am to dream

if I am to dream,
then let it be of sunkissed sands,
with oceans of shining blue,
and foaming surf of busy whiteness.

if I am to dream,
then let there be footsteps upon the beach,
small and perfect leading me hence,
a beautiful trail of anticipation.

if I am to dream,
then let your smiling eyes be waiting,
wise and understanding in their gaze,
a soft warm embrace to welcome me home.

if I am to dream,
then let us walk together in that sun,
of all things let us talk and laugh,
then let us close the dream-door behind and live here forever.

Here, once, walked the Gods of our hope;
Where, once, rested our dreams.
If, then, we had but seized in earnest;
Our, brief, happy summers of youth.

Flames of summer’s golden dreams,
Fed and fanned our lives of glory,
In Love and Lust we learnt our youth.
Hearts burning with tears and laughter,
Souls afire with the purest desire,
We stood; our valour proud and preening.

Now to blood have come these hands,
To dark deeds and shadows clawing,
Broad shoulders carry these eyes of madness.
Breath of demons blow hard a these pyres,
Towering beacons our our once proud faith,
Ours are the souls now dancing the twisting death of flame.

No words for the lost amongst us,
Shame and regret are our only company,
Oh! Pity these towering mountains of souls laid so low!
Oh! Cry shame for the dreams and glory broken!
Oh! Scream pain for the sword of truth that shattered our lies!

With shadow wings of fear woven,
Darkness as light that fools us all.
Beneath the dreams of fire now forgotten,
Ancient foes are new arisen.
Listen at your soul for the dread knock of recognition,
Lost brothers from time before understanding,
Our fathers foes of whispers past,
Come bid us blood for the coming war.

Listen to the last of words of power,
Like angels breath vanish relinquished.
Shall now man now unbidden,
Rise in error against all of light.
Watch now for the anger rising,
Reeling terror of your own imagination,
How dark is the touch of your soul,
What price your mercy now?

What knowledge treasured but known too soon
here leaves me naked of that celestial dream;
On any day or night oft times my eyes have seen
some passer-by transformed to you sweet muse;
As last doves fleeing with that last tide of day
love now seems to raise your spectre to my sleep;
Here I find myself left fading away
in company of memory that sunk too deep;
Here this blackest tempest of darkest night
my canvas upon which projects your perfect light.