These still frames I put on my minds shelf
wondering when the pain will heal itself;
This ink I carry on my arm evermore
not the only mark as you close the door;
This lesson I seem in time to be learning,
of my haste that’s been our undoing,
still aflame burning bright and searing,
throws my reflection to grey brooding;
That peace you brought has remained,
a happiness that lays unchanged,
above the struggle surrendered,
surrounds the heart now sundered.

Wrecked broken upon grief’s reef tearing,
shattered hollow now spinning, now tipping;
Empty depths pull clinging then swilling,
no more hope of salvation, of escaping;
No doubt between those words of this ending,
whose despair I spied not in that beginning;
Soft music of night grows little and fading,
as sorrow’d rain drops cover my tears falling;
If memories were worth of time,
worthy they were this while.

Uncaring playful this juvenile Sun
gleeful comes with gambolling play;
leaves brush the path as they run
driven by those sprites of wind
before that last sweet dream is done
to wash with light that frolics fey;
outside my window the avian horde comes
fully awake to claim the future this day;
tea in hand I bask in warm winds blown,
strange autumn this as ever I’ve known.

A glorious fool this unruly Sun
clamours you let slumber be done;
much awaits ready poised there to greet
come! come! now awake and this busy day meet;
a few days only of full measure remain
to that place where my peace I can regain;
there once more for you to explore
a man, if you choose, whom you might adore.

A ribbon bowed that wraps to fold
a day as a month full it seems to hold;
time seems no longer any true measure
but tumbling toy with hidden treasure.

A thought bursts out of constraint
disorder rife refusing all restraint;
no sunset to set free it’s hunger
eager gaze reaching to touch her.

A song sings out almost in tune
no aria, still seemingly as fine;
the ether alone to send the tones
what wretched things are these phones.

This way found as if by chance
unsought unseen not long hence;
though of apathy and want of use
my heart there found its muse.

This way found as if by chance
my soul washes in perfect peace;
lit there by her brilliant smile
which bids me sit to stay a while.

This way found as if by chance
my thought at times watches askance;
doubts of worth my mind works to twist,
these her eyes release as Sun with mist.

This way found as if by chance
my life pursues with a giddy dance;
whatever distance left to discover
I travel eager, because I love her.

This bed too empty now without you here
I wonder if I could you often near;
Morning sighs for your languid perfection
draped in memory that aches for dominion .
Each leaving treasured with expected return
but to work now! My master now summons stern.