Given all that has passed and is pressing,
Shown beneath this velvet veil of night;
Shallow do these words now feel from this breath,
Small these thoughts held against your might.

Deep the wellspring of these flighty thoughts,
Ardent arrows of dreams their flight do aid;
If only one should land upon your fiery brow,
This task would stand completed.

This day that dawns a thousand sighs unbounded,
Should leave so barren a bosom as mine;
There across Hercules seas should flash,
Hermes’s wings could barely keep apace.

Glorious in splendour lift up your eyes,
The days of your future stand ready to unfurl;
Beneath what skies none may yet say;
To you alone time listens,

What Awaits

With shadow wings of fear woven,
Darkness as light that fools us all.
Beneath the dreams of fire now forgotten,
Ancient foes are new arisen.
Listen at your soul for the dread knock of recognition,
Lost brothers from time before understanding,
Our fathers foes of whispers past,
Come bid us blood for the coming war.

Listen to the last of words of power,
Like angels breath vanish relinquished.
Shall now man now unbidden,
Rise in error against all of light.
Watch now for the anger rising,
Reeling terror of your own imagination,
How dark is the touch of your soul,
What price your mercy now?

Requiem Of The Soul

Silent touch that sparks my ardor,
Softly now whisper the thoughts of your dreams.
Listen to the rhythm of my paramour,
Feel all that awakens within for you.

From deepest night your presence arrives,
As golden lances of dawns first touch.
To those farthest reaches of my being,
Light and harmony to dispel the dread.

Here – in this moment of now,
Beneath all that is yet to be known,
Your eyes of gentlest blue,
A dream of summer in human hues.

In these moments ever passing,
On wings of restless searching dreams,
Ever the beacon for all that is fleeting,
I stand to feel the presence of your passing.

Over mountains of fire,
Across the rivers ethereal,
Weary and strained I stand,
Here – to surrender my soul.