What knowledge treasured but known too soon
here leaves me naked of that celestial dream;
On any day or night oft times my eyes have seen
some passer-by transformed to you sweet muse;
As last doves fleeing with that last tide of day
love now seems to raise your spectre to my sleep;
Here I find myself left fading away
in company of memory that sunk too deep;
Here this blackest tempest of darkest night
my canvas upon which projects your perfect light.

A reluctant morning this that Maistre plays awake
joining those whispers of a dying nights breath which flees
playing past fallen leaves and making empty trees shake
as I stand remembering you with a smile, a fag and hot tea.

No mortals these that of earthly treasures want
but supplicants all through poverty and fellowship,
humbly begun long before greed dared them recant;
All those who would seek that place of common worship
they rode their lives to spend, prepared to protect
that holy place so all men could witness angels weep;
Still stand they for that duty most perfect,
demanding succour to all fellows they beseech.
Upon this skin etched deep in black ink is her name
between seals of courage and which carries no blame,
my love of her, now commanded silent, forever proclaims.

All I needed was the love you gave
in this season that together we made,
each time I think I hear your sweet name
I recall that fond joyous laughter you braved,
this story of our time too rushed and too sweet
slams shut what once was opened with a kiss,
cold now as steel without your heat
my Viola,
this Will,
evermore shall miss.

Is it only a week?
This ache feels longer and more keen
Than all the wailing pain in Troy seen
When finally it fell to Agamemnon’s greed
As the great age of legend passed.

Is it only a week?
I looked for you this night in despair
With hope unheeded you might appear
To speak as I once did against fear
To hold me as I once did you dear.

Only a week.
I fear what words the dawn might bring
What earthly doom the ether might ring
I lay within Orpheus’ grasp at last
And pray a net without you he might cast.