vanilla tears

Written back in December 2012 but still as relevant as ever. I wonder if I’ve actually grown over time or just stayed the same…

Why is it that people find it hard to say ‘I’m falling for you’? Is it so hard to admit to someone that they rock your world? Is it not natural to let the person that effects you so much know that they do? I wonder if it is because we are all scared of being rejected or whether it is that we do not wish anyone else to have power over us in that way?

Once a heart is opened to another human that other human has complete control. The heart – no matter what people say – controls you. Scientist or Poet the heart will lead you through life and emotion will drive every move you make. It is the beauty and poetry of emotion that creates the human race and sustains it through all it’s attempts at destroying itself. It is that harmony of spirit that comes form affection that delivers us from the worst evils we may inflict on each other.

A parent will tell you that there is no greater light in their life than the smile of their children. They will tell you that no greater force exists in Universe that their love of their offspring. What then is the light and force for those of us who have no children? Surely it is the smile and touch of the one you fell for? Is it not their words and embraces which bring a smile to your lips and does not their treachery and anger form tears of your hopes?

There is a moment when you realize that the person you are looking at is making your heart beat faster and for some reason your mouth is dry as a desert. You feel confused when you try and talk to them. It’s hard to look at their eyes, you feel feeble and without direction when they smile at you. Your world grows a shade darker when they turn away. It’s the worst feeling in the world. It tells you that you are on the brink of either glorious light or the deepest black.

I love the human race. It’s the most complex, beautiful, evil, corrupt, brilliant ‘thing’ I have ever come across. A small frail light in the cold dark on the Universe which watches through eyes unseen.

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