thoughts in the rain

I wrote this way back in December 2012 – still relevant.

Isn’t it funny how music tastes change? When I was much younger I was a bad-ass raver. Happy Hardcore – Funk – Speed Garage – the works. These days though I seem to be listening to classics all the time. I don’t think I’m getting any wiser but it just feels like my brain clock has slowed down from the insane whine of 300000 bpm to a purring 10 bpm in a year.

I don’t think I can explain it really. Still as active as I ever was and still as keen to learn and do new things – but – just that my ears want something soothing now. Maybe it’s because I have such a fast life style now that I need something to slow me down and let me enjoy the view.

Funny thing is that almost at the same time that I started listening to classical music I started to really think about death. I’ve had two of my close family dir within the last couple of years so maybe that’s it. I’m not sure that I’m afraid of dying. I accept that my time in this reality must come to an end and the universe must re-absorb all that I have learned. But I feel disappointed that I won’t be able to continue to learn and experience forever.

I’m not hooked up to any Gods so I don’t really know what awaits. I can accept that if a man is bad a God may punish. I can accept that if a man is evil a God may destroy him. But what I can’t accept is that a God would torture a man for eternity for anything. I’m not really sure if any God’s are around any more.

I know there are two root forces in this reality. Creation and Destruction. I see no intrinsic ‘Good’ in Creation nor do I see any intrinsic ‘Evil’ in Destruction. Hitler was created and yet he turned to be a force for great destruction and generated a great deal of the human concept ‘Evil’. I don’t think Creation nor Destruction are sentient enough to be call God’s. I believe the struggle for a human soul maybe the struggle between these two root forces to attain a state of sentient thought.

Neither has a concept of each other. They proceed in their paths as their nature dictates but as yet I doubt that they have gained any appreciation of what it is they do not how they affect us. This may answer the question of why a God would allow bad things to happen. It may be that the force we attribute as God has no concept of its actions.

If we instead take the two forces as being the same force we may assume that the force is the universe. We may assume that the Universe that we exist in is the physical manifestation of the entity. Therefore both creation and destruction would stem from that one entity. Thus GOD and SATAN would be the same entity. We may then assume that this physical reality was bought into existence due the entities struggle to define these two facets of itself. In this case we must also assume that there are other facets.

Indeed we may assume that the act of CREATION and the act of DESTRUCTION are the two extreme endpoints and that all other facets from the entity are the gray between. The existence of the gray facets may indicate that there really are an infinite number of universe where these facets are created, develop, learn, contribute back to the entity and then are destroyed. We may assume that these facets are in face finite in their existence and as such once their existence no longer becomes necessary for the entity they are destroyed. However I wonder if the universes these facets produce are destroyed. I wonder if these abandoned Universes interact with each other and even ours. Perhaps indeed our Universe is one that was abandoned.

Lets us for the moment….

An living embryo develops over time. As an organism develops it’s intrinsic energy level rises. It’s body mass increases and thus the amount ethereal energy produced increases over time. At a critical threshold sentience sparks. The organism cannot yet be said to be a sentient being but the beginnings are there. The brain increases in size. Certain patterns of pathway construction are inherited from the parent organism but the rest of the pathway construction happens during early stages of development.

Let us now consider….

The ethereal plane exists and is composed of pure energy in an n-dimensional existence. It intersects the physical plane in all four dimensions XYZ and TIME. The ethereal ebbs and flows. Each ebb and flow creates more ebbs and flows and so on. Such is the concentration of ebb and flow and peaks and troughs that new energy is being released into the physical realm all the time. The energy flows into the physical when its potential is too great to be defined by the ethereal plane. At the same time energy in the physical realm which slows too much and looses much of it’s potential flows back into the ethereal causing yet further ebb and flow. In this way we may say that energy is exchanged between the two planes of existence. We may then say that a though is the release of such energy in a raw form. This energy hits our brains and as such the brain feeds off it. This energy flows through our brains causing what we see as low electrical current within our brains and the rest of our bodies. This energy causes our neural pathways to function and thus interact on a continuous basis with each other. This interactions caused coherent and stables energy patterns to be defined – though. Mystics claim that for some time after death the energy field around a body flares to ten times it’s normal size for a period of days and then suddenly disappears. It could be then that this flaring is the release of all the stored energy back to the ethereal plane. In olden times bodies were allowed to stand before being buried. Egyptian pharos were placed in gold and allowed to ascend back to the heavens in their pyramids. We still lie the dead ‘in state’ for viewing – but I believe this has it’s roots in the dead body releasing it’s energy back into the ethereal. This energy which binds us. Once gone the physical matter looses coherence. Decays.


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