dreams to ruin

Here, once, walked the Gods of our hope;
Where, once, rested our dreams.
If, then, we had but seized in earnest;
Our, brief, happy summers of youth.

Flames of summer’s golden dreams,
Fed and fanned our lives of glory,
In Love and Lust we learnt our youth.
Hearts burning with tears and laughter,
Souls afire with the purest desire,
We stood; our valour proud and preening.

Now to blood have come these hands,
To dark deeds and shadows clawing,
Broad shoulders carry these eyes of madness.
Breath of demons blow hard a these pyres,
Towering beacons our our once proud faith,
Ours are the souls now dancing the twisting death of flame.

No words for the lost amongst us,
Shame and regret are our only company,
Oh! Pity these towering mountains of souls laid so low!
Oh! Cry shame for the dreams and glory broken!
Oh! Scream pain for the sword of truth that shattered our lies!

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