Don’t make Apple do what you won’t!

In regards to and I have something to say.

I’m a father of an eight-year-old.

I am an avid Apple fan.

My daughter got an iPad for her fifth birthday.

She loves it to bits.

Here are some ground rules we have for her to follow:

No iPad before 10am or after 6pm.
2 Hours a day iPad use.

The rest of the time she get’s human interaction from myself or her mother when she’s at home or she’s with friends or at school.

Software can’t do what YOU as a parent won’t.

If you can’t handle your kids then maybe you should admit that you’re a bad parent and get help with that instead of trying to ask software companies to build algorithms to make up for your lack of ability.

As to what effects it has? Take a look around you – it’s a negative one. If you allow your children to get all their interaction through a screen you’re damaging their cognitive and social skills. It’s not rocket science – it’s common sense and evidence.

Whenever people ask for studies in this or that it means they’re trying to get a different answer than the simple one.

For heavy investors in Apple and other technology giants, the answer to use their products less and maybe refrain from buying more of their products isn’t palatable.

So, instead of the simple answer which works, we’ll get complex waffle that doesn’t and then some piece of technology that’s shiny but doesn’t actually do very much.

If you have a child who has access to technology, restrict that access and replace it with human interaction. That’s the answer. Simple.