thank you charlotte

I refer in this post to the Channel 4 article reported on the 4th of June 2015.

Thank you Charlotte. Thank you.

Thank you for demonstrating so succinctly the reason why your particular brand of idiocy was booted out of government.

Thank you for demonstrating so succinctly how naive and small minded your brand of rose tinted spectacles really is.

Thank you for demonstrating so succinctly how ridiculous the socialists have truly become.

Thank you.

“The welfare state is everything, it’s our fire service, it’s our NHS, it’s our education, our travel network; it’s everything we have. So, we will all be affected by these cuts and I think, as soon as people realise the extent of it and how it really is going to impact pretty much all of us, I think they’re going to be a lot angrier and a lot more discontent than they are now,” she told reporters.

The welfare state, Charlotte, is a failed state. It is a state that works only in a microcosm of the society and the economic realities of the modern world. When bishop Temple coined the phrase he lived in a very different world to that which we inhabit today, no matter how much you and your socialist loonatics would like it to be different. It is an ideal rooted in the realities of an era now long in our past. Our problems stem from the lack of understanding about the irrelevance of the welfare state by people like you Charlotte.

We don’t live in a world where the welfare systems of the nation are used by those only in real need but also by those who would choose to use it. We don’t live in a world where an unending pot of money is readily available to be doled out to all and sundry in order to make everyone feel better.  We don’t live in a world where bloated services which are struggling to cope with change can be supplied an unending amount of money in order to keep the status quo.

Because that’s what you and your naive friends are really calling for. To keep the status quo. You aren’t asking for change Charlotte, because when change is offered to you it is attacked and refused because you’d all like the safe little cocoon you think you built yourself.

Ms Church added that the way the government has talked to the public about the economy was “unfair and unacceptable”.

Really Charlotte?

The government has taken the sugar coating off the language used in the economy. The only way to make it any simpler is to – well, there isn’t any way to make it simpler Charlotte. What’s unfair and unacceptable is to lie to the people of this country as the last Labour government did about how well the economy would be doing if only we taxed all the rich people to hilt.

Charlotte? Are you listening?


They’re the ONLY people who can afford simply to leave a system which is punishing them for their success. You want to tax big business to the hilt? Do you realise where that actually hurts Charlotte? People who WORK FOR A LIVING Charlotte.

Charlotte? Are you listening?


These companies can simply downsize and move their opportunities elsewhere to one of the many developing countries where they can save costs. Do you really believe you understand the delicate interdependencies that exist in modern society?

Do you get it yet Charlotte?

There isn’t the money in the pot. It’s been spent by a frivolous socialist government that wanted to give as much as possible for free.

Charlotte? Are you listening?


That means growth is followed by contraction and is further complicated by the geopolitics of a whole WORLD also trying to play the same tap dancing routine on quicksand. It means we’re all interconnected Charlotte, right across the globe. It means that you ALWAYS have to budget for the bad and you HAVE to make sure you’ve got the buffer to survive.

Do you get it yet?

Something has to give.

It won’t be the hardworking people who bust our balls to make our own way in the world.

It will be the enormous amounts of waste in our public services. The 40 or 50 day holidays. The overpaid and underworked temps.

It will be the idea that being born entitles you to anything but opportunity. The concept that somehow the government and the nation owes you a living, a house or a car.

It will be the idea that somehow those that have done well for themselves should give a large share of their earnings in order that everyone else can also enjoy the same level of lifestyle for which they have not worked for. The concept that by doing well we’re some how indebted to those that haven’t done the same as us.

Because Charlotte injustice and inequality is being taxed to the hilt to pay for services that fail to deliver regardless of the billions pumped into them. The services that bitch and complain about cuts and then go on strike – because that makes everything better. The people who think that driving a metal tube around a closed loop is somehow worth upwards of £60k a year when we could replace them with machines for a third of the cost.

Because Charlotte, injustice and inequality is having to work 18 hours a day to earn a great house, while someone else is handed a million pound house because they had a dozen children but can’t afford to support them.

Because Charlotte, injustice and inequality is making a contribution to our society and our world but being derided for it because we’ve made better choices than others.

Because Charlotte, injustice and inequality is someone who can afford to drink every night and get the full range of Sky sports channels complaining that they don’t have the same luxuries that others do.

Because Charlotte, injustice and inequality is the whining and the bitching from people who have chosen not to pursue a course of financial wealth about not having the same facilities as those who have. It isn’t just nor is it fair for those who don’t wish to concentrate on financial gain to demand parity with those that do.

Charlotte? Are you listening?


Money makes the world go round Charlotte. Try to wake up to that fact would you?

Money drives our lives, our choices. Generating money for ourselves, for our nation is the prime concern of a lot of people because money gives us the things we want. I would have thought you of all people would have understood that Charlotte.

People like you Charlotte have no idea what paying 60% or 70% tax for people who don’t earn your level of income means. By all means, if you want to pay 60% or 70% tax, then please do so. The exchequer, depleted by the last bunch of socialist children, would welcome it.

You realise that you aren’t the only person who pays all their taxes right Charlotte? Most of us do. We pay quite a lot and looking at the breakdown of where all the taxes go is sickening. Welfare outstrips everything.

You see Charlotte, the problem is that people like you believe that the world exists to make you happy and carefree. The world doesn’t. It doesn’t care. Wake up.

The thing is Charlotte, the world works very differently. The world understands that in order for a species to get better, to be brighter, to achieve more, people need a hand up NOT a handout. The welfare state Charlotte is a handout. What the government is building is a solution for giving those that reach for it a hand up.

There is no moral nor legal requirement for a government to make everyone happy. The government simply has to ensure that opportunity exists for those that wish to take advantage of it. It does not have to ensure that the rewards for those that don’t strive for them match the rewards attained by those that do.

Ms Church said that Britain would see a “broad coalition against the vicious attacks from this vindictive government”, adding: “It hasn’t taken the Conservative government very long to attack unions by planning ballot thresholds, when it only had the support of 24 per cent of the electorate.”

The government is not vindictive Charlotte. Grow up. This isn’t reality T.V. It’s reality.

The government is composed of people who do their best to ensure that the legacy our generation leaves for the next isn’t one of debt, delinquency and apathy.

Your statements are vindictive Charlotte.

Your statements are vicious attacks.

The government do a dirty job leading people who wish to absolve themselves of responsibility – the populace. They do it for a very relatively small amount of money considering the responsibility and repercussions of their duty on themselves and their families.

The government isn’t saying the unions can’t ballot members for action. They’re saying that if you as a union member feel that you should strike, then you have to vote for it. The London bus strike in January had a turnout of only 16% of the people entitled to take part in the ballot.

Charlotte, if you believe in the 24% point you make in the same statement you must agree that 16% is in the same vein?

All the government is saying is that you have to have a QUORUM in order to hold strike action ballots and if a union can’t get that quorum then its a good indication that the members don’t want it. If they can’t be bothered to vote – that speaks volumes.

Just because it’s a union it doesn’t get a free pass through a reality check before affecting the lives of hundreds of thousands of people trying to get on with their day.

That’s injustice and inequality Charlotte.

You make a point of 24% of the eligible electorate voted for the Conservatives. There’s a reason why ‘first past the post’ was selected by the populace when given a choice. Because it’s meant to reduce the chance of a fragmented government unable to action any policies or make any progress.

You’ll note that 66.1% of the electorate turned up to vote. 36.9% of them voted for the Conservatives. The rest decided to vote for other parties.

Charlotte? Are you listening?

The Conservatives had the biggest block of votes of any single party. There was a greater concentration of votes for that party than any others. That’s the point.

Do you get it yet?

You think that hundreds of thousands of people marching through London causing mayhem and rioting, because you certainly can’t control who turns up to your rally, is going sway the millions of people in this country who will be pissed off that once more a bunch of socialists who don’t really get it are getting in the way of everyone else who does. That once more the minority who want something for nothing is complaining about not getting it. That once again ‘celebrities’ who have little or no visceral contribution to the planet are speaking about things they know nothing of.

Charlotte? Are you listening?

You’re being naive and childish. Throwing your toys out of the pram because your particular brand of crazy lost the election. Because 36.9% of those that did bother to vote decided that the Conservative approach was the best approach.

Charlotte? Are you listening?

  • Because of the 36.9% this country is going to build a buffer against the lean times to come.
  • Because of the 36.9% this country is going to have a safety net for those that are in need instead of a feeding trough being abused by those that don’t.
  • Because of the 36.9% this country is going to once again have a world class education system.
  • Because of the 36.9% this country is going to once again have a world class healthcare culture.
  • Because of the 36.9% this country is going to have a public transport system other nations will model.
  • Because of the 36.9% this country is going to get itself off its arse and start achieving.

Charlotte? Are you listening?

The duty of government is not to provide carefree lives for one group of it’s citizens at the expense of another group of it’s citizens. It’s duty is to provide opportunities and promote abilities within its entire populace to seize those opportunities for advancement and betterment. To drive each of it’s citizens to be better.

Do you get it yet?

The freedoms we enjoy come with the responsibility to work for them. They are not free.