perfect moments

Life can turn on one perfect moment. When you begin to lose hope, to douse the fires of ambition and want, there can be a pure moment of clarity and one may never know whence it came or how it maybe have been deserved.

It is never easy to know these moments and many will pass you by. Some however scream at you louder than a thousand tortured gales. These are those that you must listen to most intently. Within the roar is a quiet voice that asks for attention and will speak to your soul if you let it. It may seem this voice is unimportant, a whisper of potential soon lost in the maelstrom, but you must listen. You must reach for it with that invisible all that is your spirit. You must hold it, most gently, with the force of your will.

Some people come into your life with nothing more than a casual glance. Others with hollow fanfare. Those that mean something will simply seem to have always been there. You will know these people by the hole in your life you suddenly see which seems strangely an exact match for them. Revel in what they bring to you. Remember to give back more.