the gender thing in technology

Take a look at , the world longest conversation that was completely unnecessary.

You see, no one was asking for a special team to be setup to go and check the entire code base for gender bias, someone did the work themselves and asked for the change to be pulled. The pull didn’t affect the operation of the software, nor was it in any way against the nature or nurture of the software. I firmly believe that the issue of gender in technology is a distracting one. Each of us should be judged on our merits as human beings and engineers. Neither our sex nor sexuality should ever play a part in our engineering.

Some of us will always use gender biased words because that’s the way we are built. There’s nothing wrong with it. However, if someone else finds that it offends them and changes our words in a subtle way to make it be perceived as less aggressive to a particular set of our species without changing the meaning, it is good grace to accept these changes. It is not a sign of cow-towing to the PC brigade, it is simply good grace.

A big thanks to @joyent and @izs for accepting the pull as soon as they were poked about. As always, @joyent turns out to be an awesome company and @izs is, well, @izs. 🙂