Crunchbang Linux

I’ve been meaning to play with my two Raspberry Pi’s for a while now and with the advent of the new Intel Galileo I decided to setup one of my old machines for some play time. No word on price as yet for the Galileo but I’m hoping it’s under $200.

I could have used my Macbook Pro but I decided that if I was going to seriously geek out, I should geek out all the way down the stack. I wanted a Debian distro that was light and easy to use and no Ubuntu doesn’t light any fires for me so I when I came across crunchbang linux I decided to give it a go.

Download the ISO and burn to a USB drive. The ISO is around 730MB so a small USB stick will do. I followed the guide here to do this.

The install was painless and the initial boot time was 40s which was impressive. It has a great post-installation script which will help you through all the little things you should get done.

I think I’ll stick with it and start hacking now…