So it turns out that an app for sharing images of boobies and an app that makes you look like your pleasuring yourself aren’t the coolest apps to write – who knew.

It also turns out that some people don’t understand the word misogyny.

So, just to set something straight:

Misogyny is a hatred or dislike of women or girls.

No, really it is. That’s the English definition. Whatever definition you have in your head for it, if it isn’t the same –  you’re wrong.

It’s not the same as idiotic, puerile nor reactionary. Think about that last one.

Please STOP bending the English language to fit whatever you feel like. People read your blogs, try not to damage the language that gives you a medium for communication.

One final thought for all you folks. The reason the Internet developed so fast and became so big? Porn. Think about that too.